Creative marketing strategies

that connect you with the right

clients and prospects.

You are ready to take your business to the next level and

need a little creative boost to get there.

That’s where CONNECTIVE CONSULTING™ comes in.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is more than advertising

and social media. Connective will

develop a full strategic marketing

plan, help you identify your target audiences and your message, and choose the best media for success.

Strategy Implementation

Do you have a marketing team? Or

is it just you? Connective will bring fresh outside perspectives to

support you and/or your marketing

team and help you implement your marketing strategy.

Project Management

From specific campaigns to long-

term projects that will elevate your

business, Connective can produce

results while you keep doing what

you do best, running your business


Know Your Who?

Does your messaging resonate with the right clients? Let me help you identify your ideal clients and effectively engage them so you’re not wasting time or money on people who never buy.

Let's Connect!

No pressure. Tell me your goals for growing your business and together we'll walk through some fresh

ideas. Your first consultation is at no cost, no obligation.

What's to lose?

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